About Us

AN WARAY Party-List is a democratic multi-sectoral party-list organization that envisions a just, progressive and peaceful Filipino society characterized by its principles 'katilingban' [sense of community], 'kahimyang' [peace] and kauswagan [progress] through the adoption of a community-based and peace oriented development agenda.

The name AN WARAY was adopted by its founders. AN WARAY Party-List was founded in 2001 by Metro Manila-based Filipinos whose ethnic roots are from the Eastern Visayas. Our representation and membership, however, is national in scope and character. Organizations and members who are part of AN WARAY come from as far as the northern-most part of Luzon to the islands of Southern Mindanao.

The name AN WARAY was also used to characterize all poor and marginalized sectors that the group represents. AN WARAY is the term for 'ang mga wala' or those who have nothing or less in life. The party seeks to empower sectors at the geographic, economic and political margins of Philippine society by directly representing them in congress through the party-list system.

In the 2004 elections, AN WARAY Party-List won one seat in congress. Our first nominee, Hon. Florencio 'Bem' Noel, represents AN WARAY at the House of Representatives. As a representative of the poor and marginalized in congress, AN WARAY has been able to

  1. gain greater access to the manner of disbursing public funds

  2. directly participate in the creation of legislative policy and

  3. publicly air out and be the voice of the poor and marginalized sectors in most of the national and political issues.